Fish ID (Smallmouth, Spotted, Largemouth)

Fish ID (taken from KY Fish and wildlife)



  • A large, slender fish with a moderately large mouth
  • Brown or bronze colored on its sides with 3-5 dark lines radiating back from the eye
  • Frequently have 10-15 faint vertical bars on the sides
  • Most adults are in the 10-20 in. (1-4 lbs.) range and seldom exceed 7 lbs. in size

spottedbassthumb SPOTTED

  • Similar to largemouth bass but is distinguished by having horizontal rows of small black spots on the lower side in adults
  • Circular patch of teeth present on the tongue
  • Most adults are in the 10-15 in. (1-3 lb.) range, but can grow to about 24 in. (8 lbs.)



  • A large slender fish with a large mouth
  • Greenish in color with a horizontal stripe of black blotches along the sides
  • The upper jaw extends far beyond the rear margin of the eye in adults
  • Most adults are in the 12-20 in. (1-5 lb.) range, but can grow to at least 22 lbs.