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Fish with H&H – New Memberships Available

New Membership form. 
If you have any questions please ask on our Contact Form.

If your over 18, have a boat and would like to fish with H&H, please submit the following form.  If selected we will have someone from the club call you.  When all membership positions have been filled we will remove this form.

If you DO NOT own a boat, who will you be fishing with?
Memberships are good for one year and expire in January. Annual membership dues are $30. Tournament entry fees are $12. Minimum age for membership is 18. You must fish from a boat and cannot use live bait. No more than two members to a boat. Each member must keep their fish in a separate livewell. We fish 12 tournaments a year all launched from Kentucky waters. We score each anglers catch for points. The Fall Classic is fished by the top 20 of the clubs anglers -or- Those anglers that have participated in at least 6 of 12 tournaments. Attendance at meetings is not required, but is encouraged (meetings on Sunday @2pm in the following months; Jan/Feb/Mar/May/Sep)