H&H Bass Club – 2018 Schedule

H&H Bass Club Schedule
All Times
listed as Eastern Time

Tour Lake Saturday Sunday Type Notes
1 ElmerDavis   canx    
2 Cumberland 4/21/18 7am-3pm 4/22/18 7-12 2Day Note-3
3 Kincaid 4/29/18 7am-3pm Day Dam Ramp
4 Barren 5/05/18 6am-4pm 5/06/18 6-12 2Day Narrows
5 CaveRun   5/20/18 6am-3pm Day Warix
6 Nolin 6/02/18 5:30-3:30 6/03/18 5:30-12 2Day  Moutardier
7 Augusta   6/10/18 5:30-2pm Day City Ramp
  Club Picnic 6/16/18
Start Noon
See Note-4 Picnic Turners
8 Green River 6/23/18 5:30-3 6/24/18 5:30-12 2Day Smith Ridge
9 Kincaid 7/28/18 Start 7pm 7/29/18 Stop 8am Night Dam Ramp
801 Cave Run 8/18/18 Start 8pm 8/19/18 Stop 8am Night Warix
10 Nolin River 9/08/18 6:30-3pm 9/09/18 6:30-12 2Day Moutardier
11 Craig Creek   canx    
811 Elmer Davis   9/23/18 7am-3pm Day State Ramp
12 Rough River 9/29/18 7am-4pm 9/30/18 7am-12pm 2Day Axtel
Classic Green River 10/13/18 7am-4pm 10/14/18 7-12:30 2Day CLASSIC
  -Banquet- 11/03/18 Start Noon
Awards begin 2pm
See Note-5 BQ Turners

NOTE-1: Start time will be called on the water at
safe-light, but not before start time posted
NOTE-2: Fish 8 of 12 Tours or place Top 20 for
season to Qualify for Fall Classic
NOTE-3: Weigh-in at State Ramp – launch from middle of no wake zone at marina
NOTE-4: -Club_Picnic- details will be posted in members_only.  Club will
not call anyone.
  If you need more information call Mary Ellen
NOTE-5: -Banquet- club will not make calls to anyone this year about the banquet
If you need more information call Mary Ellen
NOTE-6: All fish must be brought to the scales in
separate bags with all pins removed
  or else you will have to
go to the back of the line.
NOTE-7: Schedule subject to change due to weather or safety.
NOTE-8: A weather delay will not be extended beyond 1pm on Sunday of any
2day tournament.
Alternate = Cave Run
**CanX** — Canceled