H&H Bass Club - 2019 Schedule
2019 H&H Bass Club Schedule
All Times listed as Eastern Time
Tour Lake Saturday Sunday Type Notes
1 Elmer Davis  
4/07/19 7:30am-3:30pm Day State
2 Kincaid   4/14/19 7:30am-3:30pm Day Dam ramp
3 Green River 4/27/19 7am-3pm
4/28/19 7am-12pm  2Day State
4 Cave Run   5/05/19 6am-3pm Day Warix
5 Cumberland 5/18/19 6am-3pm
5/19/19 6am-12pm 2Day State
6 Barren 6/01/19 5:30am-3:30pm 6/02/19 5:30am-12pm 2Day Narrows
7 Augusta   6/09/19 5:30am-2pm Day City ramp
  -Club Picnic- 6/15/19
Starts at Noon
8 Green River 6/22/19 5:30am-3pm 6/23/19 5:30am-12pm 2Day Smithridge
9 Kincaid 8/17/19 Start 8pm 8/18/19 Stop 8am Night Dam ramp
Nolin River 9/07/19 6:30am-3pm
9/08/19 6:30am-12pm 2Day Moutardier
11 Craig Creek   9/22/19 7am-3pm  Day State Ramp
12 Barren 9/28/19 7am-4pm 9/29/19 7am-12pm 2Day Narrows
Classic Rough River 10/12/19 7am-4pm 10/13/19 7am-12:30pm 2Day Axtel
  -Banquet 11/02/19
Starts at Noon

NOTE-1: Start time will be called on the water at safe-light, but not before start time posted
NOTE-2: Fish 8 of 12 Tours or place in Top 20 for season to Qualify for Fall Classic
NOTE-3: Schedule subject to change due to weather safety
NOTE-4: On the 2 day tournaments any weather delay on Sunday will not extend the tournament beyond 1pm
NOTE-5: All fish must be brought to the scale in seperate bags with all pins removed or else you will have to go to the back of the line to seperate or remove pins
NOTE-6: Members will not be called this year... Information will be posted in the members_only
If you plan to attend please inform Mary Ellen
Alternate Lakes = Cave Run, Kincaid, Elmer Davis
**CanX** -- Canceled